First Exclusive Multi-Label Fashion Store at Siam Center

Bangkok (Thailand) – November 4, 2015 (travelindex) – Siam Center, as the center of endless imagination and creativity in arts, fashion, technology and lifestyle, always captures the latest fashion trends and Influences to bring Thai fashion industry to the next level. The Ideapolis is now debuting “A-very-wear”, the first exclusive multi-label fashion pop-up store of Asian designers launched in Thailand under the motto of “A piece that is very YOU to wear” on the 1st floor of Siam Center.

Ms. Parisa Chatnilbandhu, Group Senior Vice President – Retail Business Development of Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., said that the fashion industry has grown rapidly in U.S.A., Europe or even Asia. Currently, fashion plays a major role in youngsters’ lifestyle, especially in Asia. As we can see, the Fashion Week in each season in Korea, Japan and Singapore attracted the hipster from around the world, including Thai celebrities who flew to these countries just to buy the fashion items back. Siam Center, in response to this up-and-coming movement and the needs of fashion-forward people, debuts “A-very-wear”, the first exclusive multi-label fashion pop-up store of Asian designers, to bring the ultimate Asian fashion experience to Thailand. Siam Center carefully selects a wide variety of well-designed products and introduces Absolute Siam items, which are exclusively available at Siam Center, to help the fashionistas make the style statement of their own under the motto of ” A piece that is very YOU to wear”.
Ms. Parisa continued that, to bring a hip spirit to Thai fashionistas, “A-very-wear” carries apparel, accessories, including eyeglasses, watches and many more, of 15 renowned Asian fashion brands from six countries, namely Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Taiwan. Each designer is very popular on social media, with many followers on facebook and Instagram. During the first six months, the hipsters can update the trend from four countries, namely Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, while the other two, Hong Kong and Indonesia, will join in the next six months.

During the opening, “A-very-wear” introduces six well-known Korean brands. Fleamadonna, launched in 2007, has bold style and unique characteristic. It was therefore very well received from numerous fashionistas and celebrity fans including Pink, Paris Hilton, Miranda Kerr and Girl’s Generation girl band. Low Classic by Lee Myoung Shin presents the simple and classic ready-to-wear that is perfect for all occasions. Drink Beer Save Water is originated from the fun idea of the designer Jim Park, who thought “Why don’t we drink beer to save the water?” From this extreme idea, he presents the unisex collection under the same name as his brand, which has been growing both male and female fan base. The clothes reflect their true personality, having fun dressing. That is why the wearers of DBSW always capture attention and stand out of the crowd. Rocket x Lunch is woman’s fashion brand designed by the talented Jin Won Woo. The brand is popular among hipsters for its minimalist style that can be worn on any occasions. It also showcased its creation in “Who’s Next in Paris 2015 Spring Summer” in France.

A.Bell Korean accessory brand was established in 2010 under the claim of “Made It Korea” to guarantee that every single item is made in Korea. The brand decorates crystal on the bags, necklaces and bangles to create the glamorous and trendy look. Minuit Moins Sept, another chic Korean accessory brand, has the French name means ‘seven minutes to midnight.’ It indicates the beginning of a new day when good things are about to happen. Adhering to this concept, Minuit Moins Sept creates the accessories that are perfect for both daytime and nighttime. Popular among male and female wearers, the simple yet elegant geometric design are made of silver 925 as the key material, with the key shade of gold, silver, dark blue, red and white.

Besides Korean brands, the shop carries Singaporean fashion labels. Mash – up, very popular among fashion-forward people in Singapore, is the brainchild of three talented designers. This street fashion brand incorporates the endless inspiration from music, movies and the designers’ travelling experience. With its strong characteristic, the brand had a chance to produce the collaboration with UNIQLO, TOPSHOP, Lomography and Pioneer. Yesah is established by Linda Hao Chinese Singaporean-born designer, who combines her experience in modeling and educational background in fashion. After her education in 2013, she launched this brand, with distinctive characteristic, to serve the lifestyle of confident ladies who enjoy life. It is no wonder why Linda Hao has become the leading figure in Singapore in no time.

Moreover, “A-Very-Wear” presents hand-made accessory brand from Taiwan like Momo’s march by Christina Lu, Taiwanese American-born designer. The brand puts together a range of materials, such as Russian diamond, brass, seashell, pearl and gemstones, into exquisite accessories under the concept of “Wearable thought”, which are practical for any time of day. YU Square by Ringo Yu is famous for its sewing technique, which integrates the embroidery into the design. Furthermore, the fashionistas can mix and match its colorful blouses, skirts and socks to suit each occasion.

Normal Timepieces, minimallist-style Japanese watch brand, was brought to life by American designer Ross McBride. Having spent years in Japan, he was influenced by Japanese culture and incorporates it into his creation, which projects simplicity with a great sense of style.

Unleash your style with chic items, along with Absolute Siam collection, from “A-very-wear” the first exclusive multi-label fashion pop-up store of Asian designers launched in Thailand on the 1st floor of Siam Center For more information, please visit IG: A_very_wear.

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